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Monthly Archive March 2012

Today’s Sweet

Speaking of ice cream… Nothing beats real Italian ice cream. And absolutely nothing beats real Italian Nocciola. And especially not together with some strawberry sorbet. Yum! Skip the lines outisde Berthillon and Amorino and stop by Pozzetto instead. The best ice cream I had here so far!

A plus: The Italian speaking staff, they made me miss Italy really bad. It was so nice to hear some Italian again!
A minus: The cones… They are okay but I had better.

39, Rue du Roi de Sicile
75004 Paris

Pink Blossom


I got so jealous of New York and their gorgeous cherry blossom trees after seeing some pictures online, but yesterday I managed to find a tree myself, full of pink flowers!

On the Fence

I’m in love with these cast iron fences in black and gold that you’ll find all over Paris. I actually look like a part of the fence with the black clothes and the blonde hair… That was not intended when we took the picture though!

The Waiting Game…

Due to this amazing weather the demand for ice cream has grown tremendously! Now it’s a 10 meter line to almost any ice cream place with a good location, and especially to the famous Berthillon. To avoid the lines I suggest that you buy your ice cream around breakfast, that’s probably the only time when it won’t be a queue… 

Warm Weekend

I’m going to bed, with a couple of new freckles and tini tiny tan, after a lovely and very warm weekend.