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Behind the Scenes

This might be the most pathetic and nerdy thing I’ve written, so please, if you’re not prepared: close this window right away.

The people who know me also know that I’m probably the biggest fan of adventure and action movies there is. My favourites include: Indiana Jones, James Bond, Mission Impossible and National Treasure (yes, I warned you about this post). That also means that I loooved The Da Vinci Code and its followup Angels & Demons. Those of you who share that love might recognize these pictures…

Since the beginning of The Da Vinci Code takes place here in Paris, I naturally had to see some of the places in real life. These specific photos are from the church Église Saint-Sulpice, and are featured in the scene where the albino monk visits the church in the middle of the night to follow the rose line.

  1. jason karounos    May 1, 2013

    Your choice in movies is like your photos, excellent. Thank you for sharing these fun places. We all some cool places in the movies or tv, but rarely we get to know where the real locations are.

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