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Monthly Archive June 2012

My View, Part II

If I ever got tired of looking out and seeing the Eiffel Tower through my window, I could always turn my head straight forward and look at the beautiful border of the Seine, the bridge Pont de la Tournelle, the top of Panthéon or the world famous restaurant La Tour D’Argent… It could have been worse, to say the least.

On Instagram

My last couple of weeks on Instagram. Sweets from both Paris and Stockholm, my sisters graduation, view over the rooftops in Stockholm and the view from Centre Pompidou in Paris, my pug, my Parisian apartment and much more…

You can find me under “ParisInFourMonths”.

Long Lunch

There are very few things in life that could beat a long lunch with a plate of good pasta, together with an amazing friend, in Paris, on a hot and sunny day, doing nothing but watching people walk by and chit chatting about nothing and everything.

Sunday Pleasures

Normally, on Sundays, they close down the traffic on the road closest to the Seine (on the right bank) in Paris so that people can walk, learn how to ride their bikes (yes, I’ve seen it), stroll, rollerblade or just sit down and enjoy the sun.

Chocolate Caramel Macarons

From the top down: Pierre Hermé and Café Pouchkine

From left to right: Café Pouchkine and Pierre Hermé

My new found favourite flavour for macarons is the chocolate/caramel one. Unfortunately there are not that many pastry shops that offer it but I’ve managed to find two that does! Let the battle begin…

The winner? Café Pouchkine. Ok, this was really not hard at all. This might be one of the best macarons I’ve ever tasted in my life. It’s so good and just the perfect blend between caramel and chocolate flavour. This café is simply a must when in Paris, especially if you like macarons. And second place? Pierre Hermé. This is not a bad macaron but it doesn’t keep the promise of a chocolate and caramel flavour. The chocolate is way too overpowering for me… I couldn’t even taste the caramel. And that’s a shame sine caramel flavour is my favourite.

Falafel Street

If you want to try the famous falafel in Paris, this is the street you should be looking for. And even if you don’t like falafels you should visit this cozy street in the middle of Le Marais.

Today’s Sweet

Cojean is a trendy, and quite healthy, restaurant located all over Paris. Perfect for a quick lunch if you don’t have much time. But of course I came out with the most unhealthy thing from the shop… I couldn’t help myself! Their chocolate cake is just aaaamazing.