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Monthly Archive July 2012

Sunset By the Seine

I love this time of the day, around 5-7 p.m. When the sun is still warm but is starting to make its way down. When you can sit outside without being cold. And when the city gets kissed by that warm yellow light. This time is best spent along the Seine.


When the weather is good during a summer like this, you really have to make the most out of it! That means a fabulous, cozy and yummy picnic at Djurgården if you’re in Stockholm.

Djurgården is a must if you were ever to visit the city. It’s like an amazing oasis (and it’s actually an island) in the middle of the city. To get here you can walk along the famous, and very beautiful, Strandvägen or take the tram.

My View, Part III

Here’s the third part of photos about my view in the city of lights. I loved it even more when spring came and all the people started to gather along the border of the Seine… It gave the neighbourhood even more life than before and during the warm spring evenings you could hear laughter, music and people talking — the best sounds to fall asleep to.

Doors in Paris

I love that the doors, and other details in Paris, just explodes in colour. You may think the city is lacking in colour but then you just have to take a closer look!

Pink Peonies

I always bought flowers for my Parisian apartment, as often as I possibly could. From a cute little flower shop, just around the corner from me, located here. These are my favourites!

Sunday Pleasures

This Sunday I meet up Malin for a late lunch at my favourite Bistro Berns in Stockholm. When the weather’s good, or well, okay at least, you really have to take advantage of it during a “summer” like this.

Of course Malin looked gorgeous as always, with her stunning jewellery and clothes.

Even her shoes were adorable!

The weather is so weird. Sun one minute and dark clouds or even rain the next… Did I mention that it hailed the other week?
In July that is.

At the Market

The markets are something I really miss about Paris. If you’re in the city you have to visit one of them, even if you don’t want to buy something! It’s such a great weekend pleasure to just stroll around and have a look.