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Monthly Archive August 2012

Villa Godthem

If you’re planning a visit to Stockholm, this place is a must visit. Go for lunch, something sweet or for dinner, preferably when the weather is nice so that you can enjoy their absolutely beautiful garden.

My Favourite Blogs About Paris

Photos by all the blogs and websited listed in this post below

I thought I’d share the websites and blogs where I get my daily dose of Parisian inspiration and tips from today, since shared joy is a double joy! I have a few sites that I visit regularly and quite a few of them are about Paris, of course. For those who are true Paris lovers, more inspiration about this beautiful city can never get too much. Am I right? So here’s the list of some of my favourites:

My Little Paris
The My Little Paris website always has great ideas and tips for whatever you might want to do or see while in Paris. I’m in love with the little drawings, sound effects and the music that’s playing on the site depending on what you click on. They couldn’t have done it any better. I always have to make a little list of what I want to try out after visiting their website.

Paris Pâtisseries
If you’re a pastry lover (or well, “anything sweet lover”) just like me, this blog is a little piece of heaven for you. Adam, the writer behind the blog, writes about yummy pastries and takes such beautiful photos that you’ll probably drool all over your keyboard while scrolling up and down his perfectly put together site.

HiP Paris Blog
Before moving to Paris I read the HiP Paris blog religiously to learn everything I possibly could before my move, and to find out about every new and trendy restaurant or café in the city. It became my Parisian survival guide. And I’m sure it will be helpful to you as well. If you’re looking for anything Paris related, this is where you’ll find it.

Little Pieces of Light
I love the photos and the insider tips the blog Little Pieces of Light gives me. It really feels like you’re in the city, wandering along the beautiful rues and avenues of Paris while going through the pages. If you wonder about what you can do in Paris if it rains, where to get a great meal or which macarons to buy, this is a great source of information.

Lost in Cheeseland
Lindsey Tramuta, the writer of the blog Lost in Cheeseland, always gives you the best Paris inspiration through her beautiful photos and fantastic texts. Through her blog you’ll get some true insider tips and suggestions before your Parisian adventure. Grab a pen and a piece of paper and be prepared to write everything down!

Unlock Paris
Unlock Paris always knows what’s happening in the city of light. If you’re in the mood for something more than just the usual shopping and sightseeing on your trip to Paris you should visit this website. Museums, restaurants, new boutique openings, events — you name it, they know about it.

David Lebovitz
If your on the hunt for something sweet to eat (or rather anything that’s possible to eat) this is the man you should consult with. David Lebovitz has written several books on the subject and his suggestions have never failed me. Thanks to him I discovered my favourite pizza place: La Briciola.

So here are my favourites, which ones are yours?

One Day in Paris

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, and especially in Paris, where you can indulge in freshly baked croissants, strawberry jam, yummy nutella and baguettes. But this is just as dangerous as it is good… It’s quite hard to choose a healthy breakfast when you have the cutest boulangerie downstairs.

To get anywhere I had to cross at least one bridge since my apartment was located on the little Île Saint Louis in the middle of the Seine. This is just a bonus though since it makes your walk much prettier! The bridge in the photo above leads to the other island, Île de la Cité, where you can find the Notre Dame among other things.

Strolling along the streets of Paris, it’s hard to miss one or two windows decorated with macarons. This display window belongs to the Ladurée store on Rue Bonaparte, my favourite Ladurée store in Paris.

After walking pass Ladurée I headed towards my favourite shopping street on the right bank, none other than Rue Saint Honoré. There’s so many things to look at in this neighbourhood. The people, their clothes and all the fantastic window displays. I found this amazing croc purse at YSL.

You can’t go through a day without having a little break for dessert. Although this isn’t any secret little place they do serve really delicious ice cream.

Somewhere in Montmartre

I really need to spend a day or two just exploring Montmartre a bit more. There are so many small streets, cafés and places that I would love to discover. What are your thought on this very famous and charming neighbourhood?

Moving to Paris?

This is the third post in the series about moving to Paris. You can find the first and second post here and here.

When you’ve decided about what you want to do during your time in Paris, and when you’ve decided when you would like to go, you can start thinking about where you would like to live. So this post is all about finding out where you would like to live in Paris!

Paris is divided into different neighbourhoods, called arrondissements, and in Paris you can find up to 20 arrondissement. Outside of these arrondissement you’ll find the suburbs (les banlieues). Where you would like to live is very individual and I recommend doing a little bit of research before deciding (but perhaps this is just a thing I like to do, it could be the control freak inside of me…). Anyway, here’s a few, very basic, words about the different arrondissement in Paris, (from my point of view) that might clear things up a bit:

1st arrondissement
Here you’ll find places like Place de la Concorde and Rue Saint Honoré, which are both packed with designer stores. Place Vendôme, Jardin du Palais-Royal and the Louvre of course. The biggest park in this arrondissement is the beautiful Jardin des Tuileries. Because of all these places the neighbourhood is also very well visited, both by tourists and locals.

2nd arrondissement
This arrondissement is pretty businesslike since many companies are located here, but it’s also here that you’ll find the lively and youthful street called Rue Montorgueil and the area around it. The gorgeous Opéra, which also is a big métro station in the city, is located on the border of the arrondissement. The neigbourhood goes from Place Vendôme and Les Halles all the way up to Strasbourg St Denis.

3rd arrondissement
In the third arrondissement you’ll find the famous neighbourhood called Le Marais. Here the buildings are lower and the streets are smaller. For a minute you can forget that you’re actually in a big city… There’s a lot of cozy cafés, popular restaurants and bars in this area and Le Marais is also very popular during evening and nighttime.

4th arrondissement
The fourth arrondissement includes a part of Le Marais but also Hôtel de Ville, Place de Vosges, a part of the bigger island Île de la Cité (where Notre Dame is) and the smaller island Île Saint Louis. It was in this arrondissement I stayed during my time in Paris, on Île Saint Louis, to be a little bit more exact, and I loved every single minute of it. This neighbourhood will always have a special place in my heart.

5th arrondissement
The fifth arrondissement is for example home to the Panthéon and the famous university Sorbonne. This neighbourhood is called Quartier Latin and it’s full of small and cozy streets. Jardin des Plantes, a huge park (that actually includes a zoo) and one of my favourite outdoor markets; Marché Maubert are also located here.

6th arrondissement
This arrondissement is called Saint Germain and it’s one of my favourite neighbourhoods in all of Paris. Here you’ll find gorgeous shops, cozy cafés and the amazing Jardin du Luxembourg and Place Saint-Sulpice. The sixth arrondissement is also the home to the famous Café de Flore, Le Deux Magots and the luxurious department store Bon Marché.

7th arrondissement
In the seventh arrondissement you’ll find the famous Eiffel Tower, École Militaire, Les Invalides and some of my favourite restaurants in the city. Some people call this the “Upper East Side” of Paris and I can understand why with all the gorgeous buildings and expensive cars along every street. This arrondissement is also where many embassies are located.

8th arrondissement
Here you can find the grand Champs Elysées, the beautiful Park Monceau, Place de la Madeleine, Grand Palais and the super expensive Avenue Montaigne. This is one of the best areas to indulge in some very, very expensive shopping. The president also lives in this arrondissement, at Palais de l’Élysée.

9th arrondissement
The ninth arrondissement is perhaps most known for the huge Galeries Lafayette and Printemps, but there’s so much more. The area goes all the way up to the beginning of the charming Montmartre and Pigalle. It seems like there’s always a new and hip café or restaurant to try around here!

Top left image by: “Torcello Trio” & Bottom right image by: “chocolat blanc

10th & 11th arrondissement
Both of these arrondissements are just getting more and more popular by the second. It feels like new and trendy restaurants, cafés and shops are opening up every single week. It’s here you can find Place de la Bastille, Canal St Martin and the popular bar street Rue Oberkampf.

… You might notice that quite a few arrondissements are missing for my little list but that’s just because I don’t feel that I know them well enough to write about/recommend/not recommend them to you. Of course it’s more expensive to live more central, just as most other cities around the world. Some people prefers to live smaller, but more central and others choose to live bigger but perhaps less central. It’s all up to you and what you want.