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Getting Closer…

Now it’s just a few weeks left until I head back to Paris and I’ve already started to mentally pack my bags. But how on earth do you pack up a life into a couple of suitcases? What do you bring and what do you leave behind? It’s impossible to bring it all because there’s no chance that I can unpack everything in a tini tiny Parisian apartment… Before my first trip it was much easier since I knew that I was packing for four months but now I need to pack for… I don’t know how long. Scary!

  1. From experience I’d say go for the essential and those things with sentimental value… the rest (since you’ll be actually living in Paris) you’ll get along the way 🙂
    Plus I’m sure you’ll go back to Stockholm more than once, which will give you the opportunity to take anything you may have forgotten 😉
    So exciting!!! Good luck!


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