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Maje by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months)

Maje by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months)

Maje by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months)

It’s hard to ignore all the sales that are currently going on in Paris at the moment, but fortunately I’m shopping for a cause! Tomorrow I’m actually starting a two week long internship at Diane von Furstenberg’s showroomΒ and the dress code is all black, so I do have a reason for my purchases. One of my favourite stores in Paris is MajeΒ which you should be sure to check out if you’re ever in the city.

Regarding the internship I’m not really sure how much I’m allowed to share with you all but hopefully I can tell you more about it! Wish me good luck, I’m feeling a little bit nervous.

  1. So excited! Love DVF! I hope you can share plenty! I had a friend who worked at the Paris Dior store over the summer, and they left their black clothes at the store.

  2. Anjela    January 15, 2013

    That’s amazing! Congrats on the internship πŸ™‚ Hope it’s everything you wished for!
    On a separate note, love the second piece. Seeing as I’m not in Paris, it’s making me itch for a little DIY

  3. Sara Domjan    January 15, 2013

    Are you serious? Diane von Furstenberg? Hahahaha, youll be great! Dont worry and do your best!
    Congrats. πŸ™‚

  4. Monyale    January 15, 2013

    Congrats on your internship (wow!), hope you can share more with us! Good luck.


  5. Maje def. has the best sales! I used to work there πŸ˜‰

  6. Darina    January 15, 2013

    Wow! That’s very excited a DVF internship! Wish you a great time! And I hope you can share a lot with us!

  7. MissBettyBoop2    January 15, 2013

    this is so romantic!!!!
    lovely πŸ˜€

  8. info    January 15, 2013

    How exciting!


  9. Charlotte    January 15, 2013

    If you are as committed as you are to this blog; I’m sure you’ll do fine! And wow, DVF!

  10. Meghan Donovan    January 15, 2013

    Maje is a favorite brand of mine. Congrats on the internship – good luck! My friend here in NYC works as DVF’s social media manager πŸ™‚

  11. GOOD LUCK! You are going to do great. πŸ™‚ Tomorrow’s my first day back at the office too, so I totally understand your first day jitters. πŸ™‚ But yay that you have amazing new clothes to help you get excited! I adore Maje too.



  12. How exciting! DVF is one of my absolute favorite designers, she’s such an inspiration πŸ™‚ Nice finds!

  13. MichelleSafi    January 16, 2013

    WOAH – that’s awesome… hopefully you can tell us how you landed such a cool internship!

    Good luck!

  14. Good luck!! Congrats! Have fun, relax and learn lots!

  15. Claire    January 16, 2013

    Good start! DVF has been a huge supporter of the Highline in NYC since inception. She even designed a line to support it. You will soar and a few opening day butterflies will soon flutter by. We are all rooting for you!

  16. Ammu    January 16, 2013

    Beautiful purchases! I own a Maje jumpsuit and absolutely love it.
    And huge congratulations on the DVF gig – she is such an inspiring woman. I am lucky enough to own a bag and a couple of dresses by DVF and the quality is just so special. Have fun!

  17. JoJo    January 16, 2013

    Bon courage!! I hope we DO get to hear more about it!! πŸ™‚

  18. Oh I need to stop at Maje immediately! That pull is to die for πŸ™‚

  19. Cute clothes!! It’s funny I did that showroom internship a year and a half ago!
    It was cool experience and I got to meet some really nice girls!
    But prepare cause omg it’s exhausting!!! After that, you will only want your bed for like a full week lol
    Good luck!

  20. Anita    January 16, 2013

    so exciting to hear about it! clothes are amazing!

  21. willsheloveparis    January 17, 2013

    ahh such pretty outfits. Congratulations again on getting with DVF, it is to-die-for (literally hahaha)
    Get a lot of rest hun, It’s bound to be a tiring but rewarding two week period. Don’t forget to eat well πŸ™‚

  22. Go girl! You’ll shine! xx

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