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Happy Valentine’s Day

Ladurée by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months)

Ladurée by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months)

Ladurée by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months)

Happy Valentine’s Day, I hope you all have a wonderful day today!

  • Vicky TheGoldenBun

    I kneeeew it that you would post this when I passed there yesterday!!!
    Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

    • Paris in Four Months

      Haha of course! Happy Valentine’s Day :)

  • Ohlalalivia

    Awwwww thanks, same goes to you! I’m currently making cupcakes for my homme to surprise him! Look forward to seeing you again :)

    • Paris in Four Months

      Merci :) Ahhh! I’m so jealous! Right now I wish I could take his place haha 😉

  • Jovana Miljanovic

    Happy Valentine’s Day dear :)

    • Paris in Four Months

      Thank you :)

  • MissBettyBoop2

    OMG this is so corny and super romantic!!! I adore corny and romantic 😀 hihihihi
    pastel hearts!!!!

  • Pamela RG

    Same to you too. Have a great day!

  • Anastasia

    Laduree always comes up with beautiful windows!
    Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!

  • Caitlin Confidential

    I have just discovered your blog and it is really beautiful. I would love to know what camera you use. All of the pictures are stunning!

    • Paris in Four Months

      Thank you! I use a Canon EOS 5D Mark II.

  • Danielle E. Alvarez

    Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart! :)

  • Meg

    I just love Ladurée packaging…! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Emilia B

    Those macaron’s are making my mouth water! <3 Happy Valentine's Day to a lucky girl celebrating in the City of Love!

  • Meredith

    This picture is GLORIOUS! Can’t wait to be there this weekend!