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Weekend Fun

Weekend summary

This great weekend can be summed up with three photos from my Instagram: girls’ night out, a delivery with a beautiful bouquet of roses and a Sunday with delicious éclairs together with wonderful friends and a lot of laughter. The perfect weekend in other words!

  • Meg

    I hope your weekend was filled with sweets!

    • Paris in Four Months

      Thank you hun :) I hope yours was as well!

  • Anna

    Happy Easter, looks like you are having a blast in France! Now I only need some éclairs and someone to send me roses to make my life perfect ;)
    Hope you are getting to enjoy a long weekend!

    • Paris in Four Months

      Happy belated Easter ;) Haha, yes the éclairs and the roses were a nice treat.

  • Vicki Archer

    Nothing better than a girl’s night out… )

    • Paris in Four Months

      That’s so right :)

  • Kim van der Sluis

    Those éclairs look so delicious <3

    • Paris in Four Months

      They were as well ;)

  • Quiqui

    It sounds like a wonderful weekend!!!

    • Paris in Four Months

      Thank you! It really was :)