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Weekend Reading

Details at Home

•   I don’t consider myself to be photogenic at all and that’s why Garance’s tips will be put to use from now on!
•   Of course the photos from Jamie Beck’s trip out to Palm Spring makes the cut for my weekend reading post. I adore seeing all the behind the scenes photos to then finally being able to see the final result as well!
•   As I told you before, I adore Olivia and her gorgeous gems. Now Diane is doing a giveaway which makes it possible for you to win a piece from her collection. Bonne chance to you all!
•   I’ve never been a big London fan (perhaps because I haven’t been for such a long time…) but these photos, from the blog Park & Cube, made me want to book a ticket to the city right away. I should really go soon! Especially since it’s so close by…
•   If there’s something I adore sometimes (well, probably most of the time) it’s simplicity. And some people do it so well! Like Alice for example.
•   The New York Times lists the 9 best walks in all of Europe. I’ve been telling myself to go to the “Paris Promenade” for such a long time, but I guess I really have to put that on top of my list now.
•   Last week I told you about a site that featured paintings of New York windows, this weeks it’s a site that does New York buildings.

  1. Oh Carin, you’ll love the Flower Walk in Paris. I went for the first time last year and thought to myself, HOW HAVE I NOT BEEN HERE???? It was so dreamy. Have a magical {and cozy} weekend!

  2. Can’t wait to check out these links!

  3. Thank you Carin… These are fantastic links this weekend… I shall have to share them.. 🙂 Enjoy your Sunday… xv

  4. a delightful list…digging into it now!

  5. LOVELY LINKS:) vet inte om du talar Svenska men jag såg du kom från Stockholm så jag gör ett försök. Din historia om hur du flyttade till Paris fashinerade mig. Starkt att flytta ensam till en sådan stor stad utan att känna någon:) jag vill själv despo lära mig flytande franska…har du någon kurs du kan rekommendera mig att gå???

    ha en skön vecka

    LOVE Maria från inredningsvis

  6. Have always loved your reading list! Okay Paris Promenade is 2.8 miles long.. Err perhaps when the sun is out hehe xxx

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