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Monday Flowers

Roses at Hôtel Costes

Roses at Hôtel Costes

Let’s start this week off with some beautiful roses. Have a great Monday everybody!

  • rima

    wish you a great Monday too!

  • Papu

    it’s the prettiest florist I’ve ever seen! i’ve been dreaming of buying roses there for two years <3 unfortunately i don't live in paris :(

  • Aylin Arkac

    So pretty!

  • Vicki Archer

    I adore that shop! xv

  • Emmy

    Me and a couple of girlfriends are going to Paris for a longer weekend trip. Some are not willing to spend too much money on food, but we definitely want to enjoy ourselves! Do you have any good places you can recommend for eating out? Xx

  • jennifer Gill


  • Fiona Harding

    so pretty!

  • christiana

    I adore your blog…thank you for taking such beautiful photo’s and sharing them with us..always inspiring!!