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Weekend Reading

Pretty Pink Flower Boxes

Don’t be fooled by the pretty photo, this is not what Paris looks like at the moment, but I couldn’t resist. I never got around to posting it earlier this October so it will have to do now instead. It reminds me of spring and the fact that this cold has to come to an end at some point. Let’s just hope spring (I know, I know, first we have to deal with that Christmas and everything) isn’t too far away…

•   Another thing that reminds me of spring is Alix‘s post from our day in Versailles together. It must have been sometime in May. Time really flies by! I had such a blast together with Grace, Nicole and Alix that day and watching those fireworks was just magical.
•   If you want to continue to dream away for a little while I suggest scrolling through Sonya‘s beautiful photos from Phuket.
•   … And if it’s not sun and warmer weather I’m dreaming about it’s probably sweets. My heart skipped a beat when I saw this list of yummy treats you’re not allowed to miss while in New York by TrotterMag. Yes, I still have dreams about that crème brûlée doughnut.
•   Ok, let’s stick with the dreaming away theme this weekend. Florence is a place I’ve always been wanting to visit (and yay, I’m going next year) so I loved seeing Nicole Franzen‘s stunning photography of the city. I can’t wait to see this Italian city with my own eyes.

  • Nicole K

    I’m heading to New York soon, so that list of yummy treats is basically a godsend – thank you!

    xx Nicole

  • MyOwnLoves

    Beautiful picture xox

  • Faye

    Thank you for brightening up my Saturday morning Carin although I’m going to have to leave the apartment and brave the cold streets of Paris soon! I recently went to l’eclair de genie and loved it so I have you to thank for the recommendation :)

  • Maree

    Ive recently found you on IG I love all your pics of Paris we are heading there in 3 weeks spending xmas there…your pics have been wonderful to look at as this will be our first time there….is it OK to borrow this pic for my blog its just gorgeous.
    thanks for a lovely blog & IG page.

  • VB

    Be prepared to that :
    Yes, people skiing in Paris in front of the Sacré Coeur ;)

  • Jade Sheldon

    Florence is absolutely incredible. You are going to fall in love, yet again, with another city…

  • Valerie

    maybe not what it looks like at the moment, but it does look like that at times– so i’m thoroughly in love!

    xo, lily on fillmore | SWELL giveaway

  • burnside

    Deeply, lastingly fond of Florence. I’m so glad you’ll visit.

  • chocolatecookiesandcandies

    Don’t kick me but if it comes to choosing a favorite, I’d choose Florence any day. My poor Roman friend was enraged when I made my confession. Guess Italians are very territorial :P I’ve been back to Florence on several occasions and have my favorite must go/eat/see places. It’s like a ritual ;)

  • Lonna Coleman

    Love all your Paris photos. This one looked oh so familiar…the same building I captured in August and am selling in my iheartparishphotos Etsy shop at Hope you don’t mind me sharing the link as I don’t believe you sell your pics online; correct me if I am wrong.
    And everyone has it right about Florence! Enjoy!!

  • Mary M.

    Oh my, “don’t be fooled by the pretty photo”- please assure me Paris still looks magical in its own way right now! I’ve always wanted to visit Paris and I’ve been saving up for two years but an opportunity arose and I’ll be finally visting it on 13-16th of December. I still have hope it will be pretty, maybe the Christmas decorations will make up for the lack of vegetation? Anyways, Florence is an INCREDIBLE city, it’s my favourite from what I’ve visited so far (I’m curious if Paris will take its place in my personal list) so you’ll have a blast next year! Love your post, as always!

    Mary x

  • Mango

    We like Florence. it was so beautiful but I hope you can possibly avoid high tourist season cause it turns into a real zoo. If you get time i would strongly suggest visiting Siena (rival city to Florence in Tuscany). its much smaller and boasts more simple medieval architecture. However, I thought it was so romantic and felt like I was in a period film while there. It also has less tourists. Plus the Val D’Orcia area outside of Siena is absolutely stunning! ciao!

  • lavinia

    want to read something very light and day-dreaming style? look at this blog