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Weekend Getaway

A Weekend in the Swedish Countryside

A Weekend in the Swedish Countryside

A Weekend in the Swedish Countryside

A Weekend in the Swedish Countryside

A Weekend in the Swedish Countryside

A Weekend in the Swedish Countryside

A Weekend in the Swedish Countryside

A Weekend in the Swedish Countryside

A Weekend in the Swedish Countryside

A Weekend in the Swedish Countryside

I always bring you along through photos when I travel. Except for when I travel to Sweden. I’m not entirely sure why but I’m guessing it’s because I’m so used to my surroundings over here that I find them utterly boring and have a hard time understanding why anyone else would be interested in seeing photos of them. But this time I thought I’d give it a shot, since I don’t really think I’m being fair. Because it is beautiful up here.

During a weekend before Christmas my sister and I traveled further up north, about 1,5 hours from Stockholm to visit my dad in Norberg and the Swedish countryside. After working my ass off without a break it was really nice to get away from the computer and phone to just relax and spend some time with my loved ones. Cosy walks outside, several cups of tea, playing with the neighbours’ dogs and eating around one million sweets made me feel like I finally got a chance to wind down. A thing I certainly don’t mind about visiting this place is that I can overindulge in all the yummy Swedish sweets I’ve been missing while away. Sure, the Parisian pastries are some of the best in the world but sometimes you miss those tasty treats from home. Lussekatt, chokladboll, mandelring, mazarin and chokladbiskvi are all pastries you have to try if you ever find yourself in Sweden. And there’s no better place to try them all than here in Norberg (where you can even spend the night if you want to make a little trip out of it).

  • Danielle E. Alvarez

    Magical. I can’t wait to get back to Sweden :)

  • Andrea

    The place looks amazing! I’d love to visit Sweden one day. It’s definitely on my list! :)
    I hope you had lovely holidays!
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  • Oksana Radionova

    I feel like you could make the ugliest surroundings look magical with your lens, so Sweden is definitely a photographer’s paradise. I cannot wait to go back… Maybe next time I’m in Russia, I’ll take a little weekend trip! XOXO

  • Emily Black

    I feel the same about where I live/come from too, though I suppose everyone does more or less! I live in a really beautiful area but sometimes it’s hard to see it because I’m so used to it, it takes me a second to realise why other people would enjoy seeing photos of beaches. Your photos are lovely as always, you’ve captured such a cosy essence, it’s really beautiful!

  • Dominica C

    super beautiful pictures ; those bûches look sp yummie !

  • Stacia
  • Teffy

    Beautiful photos as always.
    Hope you’ve had an amazing Christmas!

    {Teffy’s Perks} X

  • Victoria

    Gorgeous photos! Sweden is one of my top places in visit in Europe soon! It looks amazing x

  • Grace Beekman

    Beautiful pictures! What a relaxing place! Your skill with the camera captures so many different places beautifully! :)

  • amandacsater

    So pretty! Thanks for bringing us along to Sweden. My mother’s side is from there, and I’ve always wanted to visit.

    xo Amanda

  • Supal

    Talk about serenity and indulgence! I could eat the screen right up, you know. xx

  • Quyen Nguyen

    How lovely! It looks so quaint! And you always have great pictures of sweets. Drooling over here!

  • Ana Leote
  • Autumn

    Currently at work, waiting for the day to end and now my mouth is watering! Beautiful photos!

  • theweekendbook

    I absolutely love seeing Sweden, Carin so thanks for bringing us along ;) !!

  • Viktoria

    beautiful shots!

  • Maddy L

    Loving the photographs! I’m glad you’re having a wonderful time back home!

  • Joana Taborda

    Okay, so now I’m in love with Sweden :P Just kidding, I’ve been there too and despite the cold I think it’s a beautiful country! Never tried the sweets though.

  • Nicole K

    Sweden looks beautiful! I’ve been wanting to visit there for a while, so if anything, this just makes want to go even more!

    xx Nicole

  • Sheena

    This looks like it’s straight out of a storybook. So pretty, it is strange how we forget how beautiful our places of origin are

  • Marianne

    Your photos are gorgeous, as always. I really want to visit Sweden, and your photos just convinced me a little more. I went to Norway last year, since my brother lived there, and I fall in love with the atmosphere. My brother told me that most scandinavian countries felt this way, so I really can’t wait to see a bit more of it. Hope you enjoy your time home x

  • Zsuzsi

    your photos are always so lovely and these aren’t exception. they are cosy and warm! :) xx

  • bianca malata

    Norberg looks beautiful! I have only been to Stockholm, looks like I may have to add Norberg on my list of places to visit. With the link of the BnB, that saves time in searching for a place to chill while visiting. :D

  • Silly Medley

    Lovely photos, as always! I tend to overlook the beauty that surrounds me on a daily basis too. What we grow up around just isn’t as exciting as the places we see when we travel. I’ve been trying to change this attitude :-)

  • Sarah

    Thanks for sharing these lovely photos, Carin. It’s a shame that I only get to spend a couple of days in Sweden when I went 2 years ago, and only in Stockholm. I wanna go back to visit your lovely country, and hopefully explore more. Swedish influence is becoming more mainstream with bloggers and authors now more popular. Now if only I can get over the cold… brrrr!!!

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  • Meg

    This is seriously so dreamy.