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Happy New Year

My 2013

I don’t think I’ve ever been happier, met more amazing people or gotten to experience more crazy adventures than I’ve done during this year. What started out as a though and challenging year turned out to be the one that had the most exciting events in store for me.

I must admit that I made the best decision I’ve ever made, which was moving back to Paris for an indefinite amount of time. If I wouldn’t have boarded that plane in January, a year ago now, I don’t think these things would have happened to me.

I’ve tried my luck at working as a freelance photographer, and even though it can be extremely hard from time to time I’ve realised that this is what I want to do right now. I’ve gotten to meet (and yes, let’s not forget about hugged) one of my idols Alain Ducasse, bonded with the best of friends over midnight ice cream, explored Corsica with some of the loveliest souls I’ve met, eaten way too many delicious sweets and laughed so hard I eventually ended up crying after hearing some of the funniest stories shared over dinner and several glasses of wine.

I’ve seen Paris completely covered in freshly fallen snow and ended up next to both Cara Delvingne and Miranda Kerr during Paris fashion week. Eaten ridiculous yummy burgers in the best company imaginable. I discovered my love for fashion photography after shooting these photos and I’ve gotten to see Versailles with my own eyes for the first time. I spent the summer at the beach together with dear family friends before heading off to Rome by myself. I’ve had to say good bye to friends who I’ll forever have in my heart and I’ve cried my eyes out before parting ways for who knows how long, which certainly wasn’t the highlight of the year… But becoming a godmother for the first time ever surely was! I still can’t believe it. Congratulations again my sweet Grace! I feel like the proudest person in the whole world.

Needless to say, I get all giddy just thinking about this amazing year. I can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store for us all! Hopefully it will be just as magical. But the best thing about this year has been meeting people who’ve changed my life forever. And for that, I’m forever grateful.

Happy New Year to you all!

  • thecitygourmand

    Lovely memories, now on to make new ones!

  • Stacia

    You are so talented and deserve everything that 2013 has blessed you with! All the best for 2014, I look forward to seeing your gorgeous photos :-) xo

    • Paris in Four Months

      Ah, thank you so much :)

  • Victoria

    Wonderful things to look back on! Bring on 2014!

    • Paris in Four Months

      Haha yes exactly :)

  • Marianne

    Happy new year Carin! Your year had been great and I’m truly happy for you. I’m sure this coming year will be more and more amazing. Hopefully I’ll manage to run into you in 2014! xx

    • Paris in Four Months

      Happy New Year! Thank you :)

  • Will She Love Paris

    Amazing 2013 indeed! Happy new year sweetheart. Wishing all the most wonderful things for you in 2014. And this baby is sooooooooo lucky to have you as his godmother. Love xx

    • Paris in Four Months

      Happy New Year sweetie ♥ This was such a great year, and you’re one of the major reasons for it!

  • Cristina Landi

    Happy New Year Carin!!! Wish that 2014 is as great as 2013 was for you!!! Health and peace at heart to realize all your dreams!!!

    • Paris in Four Months

      Happy New Year :) Thank you so much! The same to you.

  • Maya

    Happy New Year! Your blog has inspired me so much as I too really would love to jump into freelancing (both as writing and photographing) Really hope 2014 can do that for me. Have a great year can’t wait to see what new adventures you’ll have!

    • Paris in Four Months

      Happy New Year! I’m crossing my fingers for the both of us then ;)

  • Maggie A

    Can’t wait to see what you have in store for the new year :)

    Maggie A

    • Paris in Four Months

      Thank you Maggie!

  • Sania Claus Demina

    Gott nytt åååår ♥

    • Paris in Four Months

      ♥ ♥

  • Sarah

    Congratulations Carin on all your success! I’m happy to read and follow you through it all from the first time you moved to Paris, til now! Here’s to another great year!

    • Paris in Four Months

      Thank you so much Sarah!

  • Darina

    Happy New Inspiring 2014 Carin! Looking forward to read about your adventures (and your photos off course!)

    • Paris in Four Months

      Thank you! Happy New Year :)

  • Nitin

    One day I will have the courage what you did and just move to Paris to follow my dreams :)
    Happy New Year!

    • Paris in Four Months

      You should ;) Happy New Year to you as well!

  • Michelle

    such a lovely post…happy new year!

    • Paris in Four Months

      Happy New Year to you as well!

  • Diva In me

    Cheers to a great 2014! =)

    • Paris in Four Months


  • MyOwnLoves

    Thanks for all the Paris Eyecandy! xox

    • Paris in Four Months

      You’re welcome :)