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Dreamin’ Away

Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper, photo by Carin Olsson

Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper, photo by Carin Olsson

Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper, photo by Carin Olsson

Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper, photo by Carin Olsson

Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper, photo by Carin Olsson

Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper, photo by Carin Olsson

Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper, photo by Carin Olsson

Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper, photo by Carin Olsson

Let’s start this year with one of my favourite shoots from 2013. Can you believe that I’ve been saving these photos since September? Time has really slipped away from me, but I also think there’s some truth in what Nicole said in her post. This is the last series of photos from our time together during fashion month in September and by posting these it feels like I have to admit that the whole experience has come to an end. But now I think I can let go since I know that we have so many exciting adventures in store for us really, really soon! In just a few days I’m flying off to Florence (yes, I’m soo excited) to see Nicole again as well as taking part in the Luisa Via Roma event and I can’t wait to get to shoot in this city, which I’ve been wanting to visit for forever.

But back to the photos above. These photos that we shot on Pont Alexandre III in Paris are some of my favourites out of the ones we’ve taken together. I don’t know if it’s because of this absolutely amazing Carolina Herrera dress, Nicole’s incredible poses or simply because we had so much fun shooting them together. Waking up really early to catch this bridge without any tourists is not the easiest thing after working day and night for almost a month, but fortunately we kept each other laughing throughout the shoot. Perhaps you remember, we tried to make this dress work in Brooklyn while we were in New York but since it didn’t come across the way we wanted it to we decided to save the dress for Paris, and boy am I glad that we did. I think this dress works like a charm against this grand backdrop that is Pont Alexandre III.

For more photos and outfit details, please hop on over to Nicole’s blog.

  • Leftbanked

    These photos are stunning..I really love them!!

  • Nicole K

    All your photos with Nicole are amazing – can’t wait to see you the both of you create next!

    xx Nicole

  • Celina

    Absolutely stunning! The two of you work so well together, feels so natural! How early do you need to get up to avoid tourists? I’ve always been curious on the sort of hours you need to be up to get such amazing photos!

  • Anastasia

    So beautiful pictures! I want to see more of your works with Nicole :)

  • Francesca

    you two are literally the best together. These photos are beautiful!! I really like the last one


  • Joe

    amazing! I’m really in love with the work of Nicole and you.

  • Rosie W

    Wow, what gorgeous photos.. :)

  • Cristina Landi

    Just gorgeous!!!! I had already seen these photos on Nicole’s blog and just loved them! It is nice to see them again and to know that soon you will be working together again!!!!

  • Grace Beekman

    Stunning! What a beautiful dress! And so beautifully captured! Happy 2014! :)

  • Marianne

    These photos are gorgeous. I really can’t wait to see your next photos together, especially in Florence. I dream of visiting this city (history student speaking hereee), and I was supposed to go during winter but unfortunatelly I can’t as I won’t have holidays. Anyway I’m super excited to see your photos – well, when you’ll be there of course. xx

  • Supal

    Beautiful, beautiful photos and it helps that Nicole doesn’t take a bad photo! x

  • Quyen Nguyen

    Beautiful photos in one of my favorite spots in Paris. Just lovely!

  • Shani

    She is so dramatic in front of the camera, and you capture her so well. I adore this photo set.

    Shani x

  • Yumi

    The new location makes all the difference. Gorgeous photos, as always.

  • Teffy

    Those pictures are beautiful, and the polka dot dress is stunning!

    {Teffy’s Perks} X

  • Ana Leote

    Beautiful photos!


  • Sarah

    Stunning photos as always! Love that dress too.

  • Joana Taborda

    I never get tired of seeing these photos! You look absolutely stunning :)

  • Dominica C

    lovely pictures .. Paris is such an incredible place to shoot .. love that last image of Nicole !

  • Carys

    Amazing photos. Nicole makes for a beautiful model- there is always something spectacular about the two of you working together!

  • Helena Rönnblad

    Gorgeous pictures!

  • Sarah

    Lovely photos Carin! You and Nicole make a great team. Hope to get back to Paris this year!

  • Ksenia Smolenskaya

    I love all your photos, but these ones are the best I’ve ever seen

  • Helen

    Stunning photos!!! You work so good together with Nicole xx

  • Viktoria

    wow! amazing shots!

  • sannas rum

    Wow, amazing pictures of you! You look stunning. :*

  • Maggie A

    Beautiful backdrop! :)

    Maggie A

  • R

    Lovelovelove the compositions. Adorable freckles aswell :D

  • Vickie Simons

    totally dreamy – I love the movement of the dress

  • Renikablog

    Wow! I wasn’t on your blog for a while (was at least following on Instagram, which I kind of find the easiest) as I somehow didn’t have time but oh, I am glad I am back :) These photos are amazing, cannot believe you managed to keep them away from us since September :) Everything fits nicely together!