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Winter Fairy Tale

A Winter Wonderland in Central Park

A Winter Wonderland in Central Park

A Winter Wonderland in Central Park

A Winter Wonderland in Central Park

A Winter Wonderland in Central Park

A Winter Wonderland in Central Park

A Winter Wonderland in Central Park

A Winter Wonderland in Central Park

A Winter Wonderland in Central Park

A Winter Wonderland in Central Park

A Winter Wonderland in Central Park

A Winter Wonderland in Central Park

A Winter Wonderland in Central Park

A Winter Wonderland in Central Park

The day after the snow storm last week I got a text from Nicole saying I needed to jump in a cab and head to Central Park straight away – it was too beautiful to miss. Having just woken up under my cosy duvet it felt nearly impossible that anything would be pretty enough to make it worthwhile facing the cold and catching a cab to go uptown. But after receiving a very convincing photo I was dressed in three seconds and ready to go!

After I took my first few steps into the park I literally gasped. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything so romantic or so beautiful in my life. Every single inch of the park was covered in freshly fallen snow and if I’d ever use the cliché “winter wonderland” it would be for this. These photographs don’t make this experience justice at all but I hope you get an idea anyway. While walking through the park it felt like I was in a little fairy tale and every time I stumbled upon a picture perfect moment and thought it couldn’t get any better than that, it did.

I’m so incredibly happy that I’ve gotten the chance to see New York, and Central Park, during all the different seasons now. Spring, summer, fall and winter. It always looks utterly beautiful of course but I might have to say that winter was something truly special.

  • laperapera

    spectacular! <3


  • hana journey

    These pictures are so dreamy Carin, love the one with the squirrel, super cute! xx

  • Darina

    Such a white dreamworld! Beautiful!

  • chocolatecookiesandcandies

    Simply breathtaking. Hubby’s been bugging me about going to NY for more than a decade now. Perhaps it’s time…

  • ShopGirlNYC

    Which lens did you use to take these? I’m 99% sure I’m going to buy the Canon 5D Mark II…you’ve inspired me to do so!! Your blog and photos are wonderful. :)

  • Julie

    That last picture makes me think that Mr. Tumnus should be appearing any minute now! ;)

  • Stephanie

    These pictures are so beautiful! I am SUPER jealous right now!


  • Grace Beekman

    Gorgeous! So beautifully captured! The winter may be cold, but when the trees are lined with snow and ice, it’s so magical! Lovely!!

  • Leftbanked

    Stunning photos!!!

  • Katherine

    I’ve been in NY quite a few times but have always avoided winter – your beautiful photos are making me think differently! Love them Carin :)

  • Emily

    These photos are beautiful! Each one would be beautiful hung on a wall, but as a series? Perfection!

  • Lia

    WOW! Am I glad you decided to brave the elements and venture outside this morning. Its been such a harsh winter this year, but your photos are a fabulous reminder of the beauty this season has to offer.

  • Alicat

    These pictures took my breath away :) They are so beautiful, truly a winter wonderland. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Annie Perri Cole

    I would love to buy some of these as prints. Have you ever considered selling your work?

  • Stacia
  • toytulip

    WOW!! there is nothing else to say, but WOW! You are really lucky to have been able to capture these things so beautifully! :D

  • Eva Charizani
  • Supal

    These are some serious winter wonderland photos! x

  • Jacqueline

    Brilliant photos! Each scene is winter at its most sublime. I love the contrast between the dark solidity of the stone bridge and the ethereal beauty of the trees. My favorite, though, is the first photo with the lacy trees leading to softly muted Plaza and surrounding buildings

  • Laura Grai

    I have to say, I know it can be a total pain to be in NYC (or anywhere) when it’s snowing so much, but the city definitely looks magical!

  • FromGemWithLove

    So amazingly beautiful, true proof that NYC is stunning. It looks great even completely white. xx

  • bianca malata

    Oh my goodness it makes me feel cold just looking at it but looks just beautiful. Definitely winter wonderland.

    Valentines Day | Cologne’s Love Lock Bridge

  • Vicky Irish

    Such a beautiful winter wonderland, gorgeous pictures xx

  • Jade Sheldon

    Narnia is calling…

  • Marianna

    This is just magical! I’m in love with those photos!

  • Diva In Me

    I’ve been really enjoying your winter wonderland pictures. Yes, snow also gave me that magical feeling inside =)

  • burnside

    Oh, Carin. It’s not just that they’re beautiful – they’re stronger than that. Do you know Edward Steichen’s work?

  • becky | accooohtrements blog

    oh my, totally dreamy!


  • Betsy

    These winter photos of Central Park are works of art!

  • Tereza

    Definitely looks like winter wonderland! Beautiful, classic New York City!

  • Amy Hales

    Gapstow Bridge is my favourite bridge in the world! (People have favourite bridges, right?!)
    Beautiful photography as always – you’re making me miss New York, it’s a truly beautiful place!
    I went during the Autumn, but I’d love to see it in all seasons like you have done :)


  • Jenny

    I’m in absolute awe. I can’t believe the ducks have stuck around. That’s my favorite picture. You’ve captured the magic of the snowstorm beautifully. It reminds me of that episode of Sex and the City when Carrie took a sleigh ride with the Russian. Thank you for sharing your work.


  • FiFi Qin

    I love it when New York is in silver, though it is freezing! I spent four months in New York last year and encountered a similar snow storm. Classes were cancelled so I went out and witnessed a totally different New York! Great pictures and these make me start to miss Manhattan!

  • viktoria

    wow! so beautiful shots!

  • Miss Daisy

    Brings back some amazing memories. Beautiful photos Carin, it certainly is a winter wonderland.
    Daisy xo

  • Maddy L

    Stunning! After seeing these I’m really glad to live in the Southwest, where it’s uncharacteristically warm right now!

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  • Kelly

    Wow! Gorgeous photos!

  • Sara Medina Lind

    Så otroligt vackra bilder!

  • melaniecrd
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