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Let it Snow

Winter Wonderland in New York

Winter Wonderland in New York

Winter Wonderland in New York

Winter Wonderland in New York

Winter Wonderland in New York

Winter Wonderland in New York

Winter Wonderland in New York

Winter Wonderland in New York

Winter Wonderland in New York

Winter Wonderland in New York

Winter Wonderland in New York

Winter Wonderland in New York

Winter Wonderland in New York

Winter Wonderland in New York

During the day that I ventured out in the snowstorm I took so many photos that I actually needed to divide them into two posts. I guess it’s because it’s always so much fun shooting things that you don’t normally shoot everyday. And shooting in West Village, in the middle of a snowstorm, is not usually what I do. Sitting inside with a cup of hot tea while looking through these photos I kind of feel that I want to do it again, but I have to remember myself of how extremely cold I was after my little walk. I would certainly need to invest in better gloves and thermal clothing if I’d survive a whole winter like this.

  • Tereza

    New York looks so magical!

  • Stacia

    Beautiful photos! So romantic!

  • laperapera

    this is wonderland! lovely!


  • Yvonnelaura
  • bianca malata

    Oh my goodness! It looks cooold! Beautiful pictures as usual.


  • Grace Beekman

    Your winter shots are beautiful! That red door! Fabulous!

  • Jackie-York Avenue

    I can’t get enough of your snow pictures! So, so beautiful.

  • Laura

    So beautiful, fairy! Looking at these photos of yours, I wish I could be there.

  • Supal

    These photos are everything! NYC becomes a completely different place under a fresh layer of snow. x

  • Quyen Nguyen

    So magical! There is nothing more beautiful than snow blanketed branches! The day after the snow though…slushy and dirty! :)

  • Ashley Rizzardo

    These photos are so pretty. It definitely makes the snow seem a little more beautiful than I like to think it’s been. After seeing snow everyday I can say that I am very ready for spring!


  • Rebecca R

    I am starting, after long months of biting cold, getting a bit sick of winter, but these gorgeous photos remind me of its beauty.

  • Dee

    These are gorgeous pictures!

  • Kristen

    So pretty!

  • Danielle Giannandrea

    Beautiful photos!!!! (and yes, it IS cold!!! Brrrr…) But I bet it makes the tea taste even better. Stay warm ♥

  • Diane, A Broad

    Oh Carin. Your photos make me want to jump on a plane, as usual — though I know I would hate hate hate the cold after a couple of days. The photos are magical!

    • Paris in Four Months

      Thank you darling xx

  • Marianna

    I love your photos so much! Amazing, as always. I hope you are staying warm!

  • Francesca
  • Lauren

    Again, such stunning photographs. They make this kind of weather look gentle!

  • chocolatecookiesandcandies

    So so beautiful. I love the snow but hate the ice. Most of us were really disappointed we didn’t get snow this year but the rain………sigh.

  • Grey

    Gorgeous photos! Almost makes me wish I took more photos of the snowstorms around here. Staying inside to keep warm always sounds better to me at the time, but these photos are inspiring me to grab my camera and get out there next time!

  • Lindsey

    The snowy backgrounds sure are gorgeous! I would much rather have beach and sun, but there is something so magical about a snowy landscape!

  • Alexandra Brovco

    God, I love winter. Stunning. xx

  • Lejla

    i haven’t experienced snow in 13 years. ever since i moved to florida from europe. i forgot how beautiful it can look. i’m not sure how i would survive a winter like that, but it does look magical.

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  • Rebecca

    Many people wonder why I love winter so much? You perfectly captured one of my reasons why that winter is one my favorite seasons. There’s a renewed energy that I derive from experiencing such snow days like this… thank you for sharing my hometown in such a magical way.


  • Maggie A

    I find the snow much more enjoyable when I don’t have to be in it :D … enjoying it with my cup of tea or hot chocolate from my window lol. You took absolutely gorgeous pictures by the way.

    Maggie A

  • Thatiana

    I’m impressed by these pictures… That’s a wonderful job!

  • chantelle

    You photos are once again, absolutely stunning. You have a gift.

  • Faye

    So stunning Carin, I’m kind of sad that we haven’t had any snow in Paris yet I’m still hoping for at least one white day – although maybe not too much longer so we don’t freeze to death ;) keep drinking lots of tea and coffee to stay warm

  • Alix

    Gorgeous photos! They made me fall in love with snow again for a few minutes. I was starting to get sick of all this white stuff, because we’ve pretty much had snow on the ground since November in Eastern Canada. But it really does look beautiful through your lens.

  • Vicki Archer

    Fabulous photos Carin… xv

  • The Mint Truffle

    Amazing! Tipping my beret to your photog skills.

  • bonniechengdesign

    Snowstorm or not, it sure looks beautiful! I will be heading to Paris in late December this year, and it will be the first time i experience a European winter, I have been quite stumped on good footwear (that isn’t hideous) Do you think a pair of ankle wellingtons with thick thermal socks will do?

  • alyssavn

    It looks so beautiful! Beautifully captured :)

  • Clara Gv

    The streets look so beautiful even with the cold weather…

  • Mimi

    Thank you for your beautiful photography…this great escapism from the heat of Australia!

  • Amber

    Techie question: how did you warm your camera back up without getting condensation? I took photos of the snow while in CO, and the best I could think of was wrapping my camera in a plastic bag afterwards and leaving it by the window..

  • Kelly


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