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New York Snapshots

Snapshots From New York

Snapshots From New York

Snapshots From New York

Snapshots From New York

Snapshots From New York

Snapshots From New York

Snapshots From New York

Snapshots From New York

While emptying my memory cards from my time in New York I came across a bunch of photos I’ve yet to share with you all. It’s a little mix of everything I guess. Fashion week, a stroll through Central Park, the city and the cute squirrels I tried to (unsuccessfully) lure my way. It’s always so much fun getting to spend time in this fantastic city and I kind of miss it already, even though it’s so lovely being back in Paris.

Thanks to Nicole for turning the camera around on (a very uncomfortable) me.

  • Q

    love the pic of you sitting on the rock in Central Park!…. perfect.x

  • Leneth

    Lovely pictures ! x

  • chocolatecookiesandcandies

    LOLOLOL! I bet Nicole insisted on taking a photo of you (a very lovely photo too). Good going, Nicole :P (erm….hate having my photos taken tooooo).

  • mralexburch

    You know I lovelovelove your work, I really like the photo Nicole took of you, gorgeous!


  • Yvonnelaura

    I love New York! Getting jealous when I see your photos!

  • Supal

    What a lovely photo of you!! And loved seeing this little fashion week remix of photos :) xx

  • bianca malata

    Beautiful pictures, especially those you are featured in…Hmm I dont know how I feel about not getting an invite to NYFW when even squirrels were invited :O


  • Zara Collings

    Lovely photos! New York is definitely somewhere I want to visit!

  • Grace Beekman

    Lovely! That squirrel! What a great shot! And you look darling in these pictures! :)

  • Alisia

    Your photos are amazing. What do you use to take them? I haven’t been to New York in years but your pictures make me want to book a trip, but I might wait till the weather clears up a bit.

  • vire-tue-elle

    amazing picture :)

    ♥♥ ♥♥

  • Leyla

    You look great in front of the camera and I would love to see more of it! I admire your work and can’t believe you’re so young. I’m old enough to be your mom (haha), and I’m learning so much from you. Keep it up!

  • Dominica C

    the squirell is so damn cute !! And your pics are lovely as well ! No need to be shy (though I feel just the same when someone turns the camera on me)

  • Jade Sheldon

    Well, you are looking lovely as ever! New York looks just magical right now. I was just invited by Diet Coke to Fashion Week in September and I am over the moon excited! It has been nearly 7 years since I’ve been…

  • Marianne

    I love seeing photos of you, you’re lovely Carin! Your last photo is quite impressive, with everyone taking photos with their phones. Hopefully I’ll run into you during fashion week (can I say that i’m super duper exited? Because I definitely am!) x

  • Quyen Nguyen

    Love the pictures of you. You should have more of those! :)

  • eleanor

    oooh your photos are amazing… new york must be so amazing during FW!! hope you had a great time! :)


  • Jo H

    What FW collection are the clothes from?

  • Cristina Landi

    Nice to see you in the pictures!!!! Thanks Nicole for that!!

  • LaetiClicClacHop

    Love love your blog that I discovered through my friends Haleigh’s one ! You’re so talented and it’s incredible to see some town I know through your eye !
    I don’t know why I needed to tell it now ! Have a lovely PFW ! :)

  • Lauren Lou

    You’re gorgeous! I’m glad Nicole had a turn shooting you!! xx

  • dila yazid

    Awww, it so nice to see you in front of the lens for a change! :)

  • Will She Love Paris

    oh sweetheart, look at how beautiful you are :) xxxxx