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On Instagram by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months)

Tea and pastries at Ladurée to celebrate our darling Cindy, a beautiful day in the gardens of Palais Royal, spoiling myself with beautiful Darphin products during rainy days and a sunny morning spent in the Marais together with my sweet Katie. Walking around the city (and over Pont de la Tournelle) in the rain, stopping for pretty flowers, having meetings in buildings with stunning stairways and seeing dark clouds over the city and Jardin des Tuileries before it started pouring down. Beautiful roses, more Ladurée dates, a memory of those beautiful cherry blossoms in Jardin des Plantes and last but not least a delicious cup of coffee at La Caféothèque (who by the way must have some of the prettiest tables in Paris).

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  • Anoushé

    I love the picture over the Pont de la Tournelle!! So beautiful! Oh, how I miss Paris…

    • Paris in Four Months

      Thanks! Happy you like it.

  • saragrilo

    These pictures look absolutely incredible!

    xoxo, S

    check out my personal blog ♡

    • Paris in Four Months

      Thank you :)

  • and kate

    Love this collage!
    Your instagram is one of my favourites, you always have dreamy content making me so badly want to visit Paris again!
    Much Love,
    Kate xo

    • Paris in Four Months

      Thank you so much Kate!

  • Beth Bradley

    Just followed you on Instagram, can’t wait to see all your beautiful photos.

    Beth @ BethBlogsBeauty

    • Paris in Four Months

      Thanks, hope you’ll like them!

  • vire-tue-elle

    NICE PIC ;)

    ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥

  • Josephine

    I always get so happy when I see all these wonderful Paris pictures! It makes the days go faster here in Stockholm, that unfortunately only shows its bad spring days right now.

  • Maggie A

    Your instagram just lights up my time line <3

    **Check out my blog.

    Maggie A

  • Rebecca Plotnick

    Beautiful pictures! I love seeing Paris through your eyes.

  • Natalie

    Beautiful photos!! Love all of them…