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Rainy Week

Rainy Day in Le Marias

We’ve had a very rainy week here in Paris. Until now. Writing this, I’m looking out my window seeing a clear blue sky and beautiful sunshine. Finally! You might wonder what I’m doing at home when the sun is finally deciding to show up after days of grey and rain then… Unfortunately my water heater broke down yesterday and I’m at home waiting for three different plumbers to come and check it out. I know, lovely right? Nah, not so much. Wish me luck and let’s hope I don’t have to go a whole weekend without hot water.

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  • Stanislava E.

    It’s a rainy month here


    Amazing picture!

  • Laura

    Good luck, I can’t imagine taking a cold shower right now! Hopefully you get to enjoy the sunny days as well :)

  • vire-tue-elle


    ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥

  • Department of Wandering

    Paris is so beautiful in the rain too though. <3

  • MilanoTime

    Such an amazing pic! Love it!

  • Yasaman B

    Dear Carin, thank you for your dedication through rain and all to make beautiful pictures for us. your dedication helps my motivation. kindest regards from Amsterdam. kiss yasaman

  • supal {chevrons & éclairs}

    Even in the rain it is so majestic! Sending all my warm water and plumbing-good luck vibes to you today, Carin! x

  • Cristina Gomez

    Good luck! I hope you get it fixed soon. I usually don’t like taking photos when it’s cloudy/rainy because they look gloomy and “sad” to me but this photo is so beautiful!! BTW, have you done any posts on photo editing? and if not, are you planning on doing any?

  • Janine Maral

    It’s been rainy here in Toronto too! Where is the sun?

    Janine Maral from

  • rachel


  • Jade Sheldon

    Aw, boo! Hope it is fixed soon my dear!

  • Ashley Rizzardo

    Hope the water heater is fixed soon! I don’t know how long I could really go without a relaxing warm shower!


  • Emily Petracco

    I’m in Toronto and we have had nothing but rain lately! I’m hoping it all clears away soon. I’ll be in Paris for a few days in June and I’m hoping I’ll get at least a bit of sunshine while I’m there! Beautiful photo and too bad about your water heater. I hope it all got sorted and you were able to enjoy some sun! Take care! x

    emily | HONEY LOAF x

  • ZeeZee

    Even Paris is raining, the city still looks very nice. I visited Paris last year, and hope to revisit in the near future. Carin, you photos are always so pretty and inspiring.


  • Alexandra Aimee

    Rainy Paris. Could anything be more ethereal and dreamy?

    Alexandra Aimee

  • Diva In me

    Oh no…=( I hope it’s all fixed now. It can be depressing when things like this happen over the weekends.