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Today’s Detail

Pink peonies by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months)

I couldn’t resist these when I passed the flower shop on my way home last week. I feel like I need to buy as many peonies as possible while they’re here and the weekend is a perfect excuse to buy flowers for yourself. Have a lovely weekend everyone!

  • Rosie W

    Such a beautiful photograph :) Have a great weekend x

  • Giada

    Have a lovely weekend too :)

    Amazing photo :)

    Xo, Giada


  • Marianne

    This photo is perfect! One of your best flower picture ever. Have a great (sunny, at last) weekend as well x

  • supal {chevrons & éclairs}

    This is stunning almost looks like I can grab it! x

  • Cristina Gomez

    Stunning photo!! It is so detailed! The peonies are even more beautiful than in real life. Have a great weekend, Carin!

  • Alina Ermilova

    I absolutely love peonies! They’re the best! <3

  • Jade Sheldon

    These peonies take my breath away. Need to hunt down a few for my home this weekend too. Have a lovely one Miss!

  • Jesse Blair-French


  • Cathie Toshach

    Beautiful image.

  • Siham Hamdan

    Peonies are the most beautiful flowers, these look wonderful, I wish I could print them and put them in a vase in my room right now haha. X

    | |

  • Sarah Davis

    Gorgeous shot! x

    A Sunday Smile

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  • Georgia

    This photo looks like an old painting, absolutely stunning!

  • Jennifer

    this is gorgeous! and great lighting. :)

  • Julie

    I am completely smitten with your photo! In fact, I can’t paint, but I’m pulling out brushes and painting this image. Gorgeous!

  • Brittany Messner

    Woah now, that is an AMAZING photo! You’re a wizard, obviously.

  • Orchid

    What a coincidence! I just shot some peonies today as well! Anyways, I just wanted to say that I found your blog not too long ago, and it’s inspired me so much to travel. I’m in love with the idea of spending some time in Paris! So thank you for sharing your stories and photos!

  • Natalie

    Your photos are always so amazing!!! Thank you for sharing…

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  • Stéphanie GB/MsBubu

    They’re really nice! It looks like a painting :)