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What’s Inside?

Salvatore Ferragamo bag by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months)

Salvatore Ferragamo bag by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months)

Since I haven’t gotten my hands on that perfect camera bag just yet I usually tend to leave the camera at home and opt for a much lighter, and smaller option nowadays. I’m so used to carrying around bigger bags (with a ton of crap and unnecessary things in them) so this has truly forced me to scale down what’s inside my bag. So what you’ll most likely find in my Salvatore Ferragamo bag, which I found here in Paris last year, is what you see above. Métro card, my favourite lip balm from Clarins, a very beaten up hot pink coin purse (you always end up with too many coins here), a pack of tissues and my alternative, and smaller, wallet from Marc by Marc Jacobs. Plus iPhone. I’m feeling crazy minimalistic over here!

Weekend Reading

Croissants and flowers in bed by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months)

My favourite way to start a Saturday morning? With warm croissants and fresh flowers, from the little flower shop downstairs, in bed. We’ve been treated to such lovely spring weather here in Paris this week and for the first time in a long time now I’m waking up to a cloudy sky, which makes me want to crawl back under the duvet. But a coffee date with some lovely friends await!

•   I’ve gotten a lot of emails lately about my camera equipment, what to do and where to eat while in Paris, where to stay and how you move here so I thought it might be time for a little reminder. Click on the words and you’ll land on previous posts about these topics.
•   I have the pleasure of sharing a few of my favourite neighbourhoods here in Paris on TrotterMag till week. Hop on over there to see which ones!
•   Any Sex and the City fans out there? Of course there are. Enjoy 73 quick questions with Sarah Jessica Parker thanks to
•   I couldn’t help but fall in love with these gorgeous shots that my dear friend Katie took of our darling Lauren and her little pup Daisy while we were out strolling around Montmartre that day. I have major hair (and doggie) envy.

Weekend Reading

Eating Cake in Bed, photo by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months)

I’ve had so much work to catch up on this week that I’ve barely made it outside my little Parisian apartment. Instead I’ve been working from bed. While eating my favourite cake. Which isn’t too bad either if I can say so myself. But I can’t wait to get out and about with my camera soon again, which never seems to happen though since I want to catch up with so many lovely friends, who I’ve missed during the holidays.

•   How could you not dream away when seeing photos like these? Nicole makes me long more than ever for summer to arrive!
•   I do love a good red carpet dress and this year’s Golden Globe Awards treated us to a few at least. My favourites? Lupita in Ralph Lauren, Emilia in Proenza Schouler, Cate in Armani Privé and Emma in Christian Dior.
•   Thanks for reminding me Garance, I really want to see this movie! I hope they’ll show it with English subtitles here in Paris…
•   This week I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the lovely lady behind the blog Chocolate Cookies & Candies. You’ll find it here!

… And also! My new favourite cake is the gâteaux de voyage in the flavour caramel au beurre salé (I mean, how could you go every go wrong with caramel?) from Des Gâteaux et du Pain if you want to try it. Yum! And my striped pyjamas are from Oysho.

Weekend Reading

Inside My Parisian Apartment, photo by Carin Olsson of Paris in Four Months

After catching up with my Parisian family over Italian pizza, wine and tiramisu this Friday night I enjoyed shooting this gorgeous lady during yesterday morning which then turned into a galette des roi party at this gorgeous venue. Pretty gorgeous, right? Kerrie Hess currently has an exhibition for her beautiful work at Le Meurice and if you’re in Paris today I suggest dropping by and checking it out. I can’t wait to share the photos with you!

•   I’m really honoured to be mentioned as one of the “23 Instagrams To Follow To Travel The World In 2014” by BuzzFeed. Have a look at the rest of the list, they’ve found some truly amazing Instagram accounts to follow.
•   If there’s one place in the world I’d really like to be at right now, it has to be this one. And Sonya captures it all so beautifully.
•   I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by the Greek food site (meaning “mom i’m hungry” in English). Now if I only could read it myself… But if you know your Greek I say enjoy!
•   I had so much fun in Florence thanks to Luisa Via Roma who put on such amazing dinners, events and parties for us all during our stay in Italy. Now you can have a little peek at what we were up to on their website through both photos and a little video.

Weekend Reading

Pink Peonies, photo by Carin Olsson of Paris in Four Months

I’ve spent these days after Christmas trying to wind down and watching hundreds of movies. But that’s what you should do during days like these, no? Tomorrow I have a very exciting shoot planned with this gorgeous lady so I better keep the Harry Potter movies to a minimum this evening. Although I have a feeling that will be hard… I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas!

•   When the year is coming to an end people love to sum up the year that’s gone by – and I’m no different. That’s why I can’t get enough of all of these lists! Which were the biggest modeling moments you might wonder? And asks you to name “the look of the year“.
•   If lists to sum up the year in fashion isn’t your cup of tea perhaps this recipe by Dessert for Breakfast might be a better fit. Banana and hazelnut pancakes anyone? I’m not the biggest banana fan but this looks yummy.
•   Pinterest – a great source for inspiration and a place to gather all your wants and needs. I mean, how perfect aren’t these for New Year’s Eve?
•   By the end of next week I’m leaving for Florence (yay! I promise to tell you more about it really soon) and now I’d love to hear about your tips for this Italian gem if you’ve ever been before. Lay it on me, I’d love to know all about it!

Weekend Reading

Calendar from Kikki.K, photo by Carin Olsson of Paris in Four Months

One of the best things with a new year coming soon is that it means getting yourself a new calendar. Yay! I don’t know what it is, but something makes my heart skip when I see pretty stationary. And ever since I saw Nicole‘s baby blue beauty, the brand Kikki.K has been on my mind. After meeting up with another Aussie friend who happened to have the version above I was immediately sold and decided to get one as well. Funnily enough it’s a Swedish woman whois behind this super sweet brand. Must be destiny, right?

•   You can always trust Lindsey for some of the best suggestions when it comes to Paris and you can’t miss her post about coffee in Paris.
•   More from beautiful Rome and Nicole Franzen. I want to book a ticket there right away after scrolling through her gorgeous photographs.
•   I can’t get enough of beautiful lingerie, and this piece that I found through Sara (of Harper & Harley) is definitely on my wish list this Christmas.
•   I’m obviously not the only one who’s obsessed with Beyonce‘s latest album. My favourite part about it though? All the crazy amazing videos. The New York Times takes a closer look at fashion featured in them.

Weekend Reading

Pink Peonies at Home, photo by Carin Olsson of Paris in Four Months

While I’m attending the amazing Gucci Paris Masters this weekend (I can’t wait to show you guys the photos) I thought I’d share some of my favourite links that I came across this week. If I wasn’t doing that though I certainly wouldn’t mind snuggling up on my couch with a cup of green tea and a gingerbread macaron or two while browsing through these again.

•   Last week I read Garance’s post on “Things New Yorkers Do” and then this week I read her piece on “Things Parisians Do“. I have to say that I caught myself laughing and nodding along while reading the whole post. The worst of it all? I think I’m slowly becoming one of them… Ignoring red lights, sighting annoyingly at “slow walkers” and ditching museums for a stop at the Bon Marché. But I mean, who wouldn’t?
•   Nicole Franzen in Rome. I couldn’t think of a better combination.
•   Central Park looks pretty darn good in all those autumn colours, captured so beautifully by Jamie Beck.
•   And oh, I can’t wait to see this!

Weekend Reading

Working From Bed

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend right now. Here’s a couple of links that caught my eye during the week, enjoy!

•   The highlight of the week for me was definitely getting the chance to dream away through Jamie Beck‘s exquisite photographs from her safari adventures. You can indulge in part I, part II, part IIIpart IV and part V right here if you haven’t seen them already.
•   Another favourite photographer of mine, Alice Gao, was recently interviewed by Chocolate Cookies & Candies. A must read if you’re a fan. And if you can’t get enough, here’s another one.
•   Last week I suggested a cute little print shop and this week I’ve found another one! Adorable prints by Note to Self.
•   If you’re a Lulu Frost lover like myself you’ll enjoy this feature with Lisa Salzer, the founder and head designer by Tales of Endearment.
•   The fall campaigns are out! And if you want a little look behind the scenes of the Louis Vuitton shoot I suggest hopping over to
•   When the book “The Devil Wears Prada” came out I think I read it about 100 times. Now the sequel, “Revenge Wears Prada“, has been released and I have to say that I’m sceptical and excited both at the same time! You can order it here.
•   How do you construct a Dior bag you wonder? CR Fashion Book shares some amazing photos and of the process.
•   I must admit that I miss a bunch of stuff from Paris while I’m on vacation. One of them are really yummy profiteroles. If I had more time on my hands I think I might attempt this recipe by Citrus and Candy.
•   I’ve been too lazy to fix a little button for my Facebook page but if you want to find it, you can click right here! Follow for more daily updates.

Icing on Top

Homemade Cake With Icing

During the last couple of days it’s been raining here in Stockholm, which yesterday resulted in cake baking at home. I guess I have to make eat all the things I’ve been missing from home before I go back to Paris again! Yum yum yum.

Today’s Detail

Favourite Jewellery Pieces

Favourite Jewellery Pieces

Favourite Jewellery Pieces

Favourite Jewellery Pieces

I always try to pack light when I travel. Yes, I said try. But there’s some pieces of jewellery that I simply can’t leave behind. What you’re most likely to find inside my jewellery case when I travel are these pieces above. They’re easy and versatile, and yet they go with almost anything. And yes, if you hadn’t noticed already I’m a sucker for anything in gold.

From left to right: horseshoe bracelet from Claire Aristides, earrings from Swarovski, gold chain bracelet from Marc by Marc Jacobs, leather bracelet from Filippa K, drift necklace from Lulu Frost, layered Avish necklace from Lionette, bracelet from Lionette and drift tassel necklace from Lulu Frost.