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Weekend Reading

Hydrangeas by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months)

I bought these beautiful hydrangeas yesterday for my mom who arrived in Paris last night to pay me a little visit. I haven’t had any family members visit since I moved into my new apartment so I can’t wait to spend the weekend together.

•   Vogue Paris arrived in my mailbox this week and this editorial, shot around familiar areas in the city, caught my attention. It’s always interesting to see how other creative minds, photographers etc. sees the same corners and streets as you’re used to passing by.
•   As the red carpet freak that I am I can’t leave out the Emmys, which took place a couple of days ago. My favourite dresses could be found on Julia, Sarah, Claire, Zooey, Julianne and Sarah.
•   Another familiar area, that always makes for great strolls, is the beautiful Luxembourg garden, which Alice Gao captured so beautifully.
•   Something I miss from home is a really good blueberry crumble. I don’t care what you say, we make the best one. Although this one, shot by talented Nicole Franzen, looks pretty tasty as well.

Weekend Reading

Parisian café by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months)

I haven’t done a weekend reading list in ages which means that I have so many things I’m dying to share with you… Enjoy!

•   Ever wondered what a super cute Parisian apartment might look like? My dear friend Marissa has started a great new series called “At Home With” where the first apartment she featured belongs to another dear friend named Meg (who by the way have the cutest little kitten you’ll ever see).
•   Who in the world has the time to spend 9 minutes on this? Well, apparently I do (and Garance Doré, which makes me feel a little bit better about it). All the brands mentioned during the series Sex and the City.
•   This has to be the perfect dream destination/fashion wedding, no? The Coveteur’s photos makes me want to fly to Capri and get married. ASAP.
•   Thomson decided to name me as one of the 10 Travel Bloggers To Follow On Instagram. Thank you!

On Instagram

On Instagram by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months)

During stressful times it’s easier to catch me over on Instagram. My last couple of snapshots include the stairwell leading up to my new apartment, one of my Paris prints for SS Print Shop in bed with @Doctorscloset, beautiful Parisian buildings, my favourite timepiece from Corniche at Ralph’s along with a yummy club sandwich at the same place. A little photo from my housewarming last Thursday with dear friends, hidden allies in the 4th arrondissement and a breathtaking view from the 7th floor at my friend’s apartment. Ladurée’s pretty storefront, coffee at La Caféothèque, courtyard cuteness at Ralph’s and an absolutely delicious lunch at my favourite Verjus Bar à Vins.

Weekend Reading

Notes in bed by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months)

After moving in on Monday and running errands all around the city, calling plumbers and electricians to get all the final things sorted at my new place I’ve woken up absolutely exhausted – and I’m not done yet! I’m still struggling with getting my wifi and intercom working… Despite that I can’t help but smile every morning when I wake up. I’m so happy to have found my little sanctuary after more than 8 (yes, 8) moves within one year. What made me even more delighted was seeing some of my dearest friends drinking, chatting and having fun here during Thursday night when I invited them over for a little “housewarming apéro”. I guess that means that I’m officially moved in!

•   Where I’d rather be right now (instead of a grey and rainy Paris…) is right here. I’m just a tiiiny bit jealous Aisling!
•   You probably haven’t missed this – I mean, how could you? – but I’m sharing it anyway. Just because it’s one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen and just because I’m convinced that Nicole must be some sort of genius for creating this breathtaking concept.
•   I’m off to Italy by the end of next week and I can not wait to get there! The beach, the food, seeing my friends again and getting some sort of vacation for the first time in a year. I’m reminiscing by looking through old photos of Rome from my time there last summer and from our little beach gem south of the city.

Weekend Reading

Paris by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months)

•   Alice Gao captured the beautiful roses in Jardin du Palais Royal better than anyone I’ve ever seen while she was here in Paris.
•   Ice cream and pretty flower – sounds like a pretty good combination, right? Linda Lomelino makes it hard to resist my sugar cravings…
•   I’m so lucky to have so many talented friends who I’m constantly inspired by, and one of them (who I’m sure I’ve mentioned around here a couple of times before) is Katie Mitchell. She’s an amazing portrait and wedding photographer based here in Paris but I simply adored seeing her adventures in Nepal a couple of years ago through photos in a recent blogpost. Another destination going on my bucket list!
•   … And don’t forget to check out my collaboration with SS Print Shop. You can read a little interview with me on Stephanie‘s blog about our launch, why I moved to Paris and what a typical day in my life looks like.

Paris Je T’aime

Paris Prints by SS Print Shop and Carin Olsson

My photography prints, in collaboration with SS Print Shop are finally live and available for purchase now. I’m so excited and so incredibly thankful to Stephanie (the founder of SS Print Shop) for believing in my talent and for taking this chance on me. It feels a little bit surreal to hold them in my hands and to actually being able to see my own photograph on my wall – pinch me! This print that we decided to call “Paris Je T’aime” is my favourite one out of the three piece collection. I remember that autumn day in Jardin du Luxembourg like it was yesterday… Thank you so much for all of your encouraging and lovely words on this collaboration. I’m so happy you seem to love them just as much as I do!

For a little interview with me about this thrilling launch, head on over to Stephanie’s own blog and for those of you who are thinking about getting a print for your own home, or maybe just take a closer look, you can find them all here.

Exciting News

Paris prints by Carin Olsson and SS Print Shop

After working together with the lovely Stephanie behind SS Print Shop for months now, they’re finally done and I’m incredibly happy to announce that our prints will be available for purchase starting tomorrow! I’ve never printed my photographs before so this is certainly a first and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ll show you more of each print later on this week but here’s a little sneak peek of what’s to come in the meantime. It’s been such a pleasure working together with Stephanie on this and I truly hope you’ll love the prints just as much as we do.

Weekend Reading

Balcony view by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months)

This pretty little view doesn’t belong to me unfortunately, but at least I can enjoy it while drinking tea with lovely friends. Something similar is what I’m hoping for once I find my own place (which is a more exhausting process than I ever could imagine by the way). Anyways, since I never shared my weekend links with you last weekend I have extra good reads for you this time around – I mean we can not not talk about the Met gala, right?

•   The Met gala is one of the red carpet highlights of the year and I’m always as excited to see what everyone showed up in. This years favourites were: Beyonce (I mean how could you not?), Anne, Marion, Kim (this is a first but I loved her midnight blue Lanvin piece), Suki, Naomi and Blake.
•   Of course it doesn’t end there. invites you to get a little peek inside the festivities as well (and so did Mario Testino).
•   Mandy is one of the most talented people I know and her recent shoot didn’t disappoint. I’m in love.
•   My whole body is screaming for a little getaway soon. London is very high on that list so Carrie‘s little list over hidden London gems is something I’ll bookmark for my upcoming trip.

On Instagram

On Instagram by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months)

Tea and pastries at Ladurée to celebrate our darling Cindy, a beautiful day in the gardens of Palais Royal, spoiling myself with beautiful Darphin products during rainy days and a sunny morning spent in the Marais together with my sweet Katie. Walking around the city (and over Pont de la Tournelle) in the rain, stopping for pretty flowers, having meetings in buildings with stunning stairways and seeing dark clouds over the city and Jardin des Tuileries before it started pouring down. Beautiful roses, more Ladurée dates, a memory of those beautiful cherry blossoms in Jardin des Plantes and last but not least a delicious cup of coffee at La Caféothèque (who by the way must have some of the prettiest tables in Paris).

For more photos and daily updates, follow along through Instagram.

Weekend Reading

In bed by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months)

This week has been so rainy and grey. It makes you want to stay in bed all day long and never leave your duvet, which is exactly what I’ve been trying to do during a couple of mornings when I haven’t had meetings planned. It’s also been a quite busy week for birthdays which is always fun. And it’s not over yet, the weekend continues with exciting birthday celebrations!

•   Yes, I can admit that these rainy past few days have resulted in an even bigger Pinterest addiction.
•   What will we be making for one of the very lovely birthday girls on Monday? I think we’ll give this cake a go by Love & Olive Oil. But maybe simplify it just a tiny bit since most Parisian kitchens come with an oven the size of a shoe box…
•   Alix makes me want to plan a trip to Disneyland.
•   … And these photos of Karlie from Kloss from Vogue Paris that I found thanks to the lovely Denni makes my longing for sun, sand and the ocean even greater. I. Can’t. Wait. For. Summer.