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Sunday Mornings

Monica Vinader jewellery by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months)

Monica Vinader jewellery by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months)

Monica Vinader jewellery by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months)

Monica Vinader jewellery by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months)

Monica Vinader jewellery by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months)

Monica Vinader Jewellery

Monica Vinader jewellery by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months)

Monica Vinader jewellery by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months)

All jewellery by Monica Vinader (Riva BraceletFiji BraceletBaja BraceletBaja NecklaceSiren EarringsDiamond Ring, Bar Ring) - Top from COS – Jeans from Acne

I got my very first Monica Vinader bracelet from an ex boyfriend several years ago and I’ve been admiring these charming jewellery pieces (this was my first piece ever and I still have it with me today) ever since, and when you’ve been a longtime fan of a brand it means a little extra something when they ask you to shoot for them. This shoot was a little bit different for me though since I challenged myself and modelled the pieces (I’m extremely camera shy and my hands were certainly not created to do any sort of modelling), while setting up the shot I was looking for and eating croissants, all at the same time. How a person can to eat croissants and end up with crumbs in their hair (yes, I had to edit those out) will always baffle me though and might point to the fact that I’m not meant for modelling and that I’m better off behind the camera in most scenarios…

Ideally, this is how every Sunday morning would start if I had my way. Croissants, pretty jewellery pieces and great company at one of the many Parisian cafés around the city (the French newspaper is the perfect way to practice your French while looking super smart I might add). I’m definitely getting myself those bracelets and perhaps a ring or two since there’s no time to wait around for boyfriends or gifts anymore!

Photos of me: Katie Mitchell (edited by me).

Weekend Reading

Hydrangeas by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months)

I bought these beautiful hydrangeas yesterday for my mom who arrived in Paris last night to pay me a little visit. I haven’t had any family members visit since I moved into my new apartment so I can’t wait to spend the weekend together.

•   Vogue Paris arrived in my mailbox this week and this editorial, shot around familiar areas in the city, caught my attention. It’s always interesting to see how other creative minds, photographers etc. sees the same corners and streets as you’re used to passing by.
•   As the red carpet freak that I am I can’t leave out the Emmys, which took place a couple of days ago. My favourite dresses could be found on Julia, Sarah, Claire, Zooey, Julianne and Sarah.
•   Another familiar area, that always makes for great strolls, is the beautiful Luxembourg garden, which Alice Gao captured so beautifully.
•   Something I miss from home is a really good blueberry crumble. I don’t care what you say, we make the best one. Although this one, shot by talented Nicole Franzen, looks pretty tasty as well.

Today’s Detail

Rebecca Peace sleepwear by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months)

I have a couple of weaknesses. Ice cream, bags and pastries being the most obvious to people. Another weakness that I might have been able to keep a little bit more “under the radar” thus far has to be my obsession with pretty sleepwear. In saying this, I don’t mean that that you’ll never find me in one of my mom’s old Jurassic Park t-shirts, watching GIRLS while eating ice cream straight out of the tub – those moments are just impossible to avoid. But, even though I more than often go for a comfy t-shirt I can never stop buying and lusting over pretty pyjama sets. I’ve probably bought five sets alone this summer… Yup, that’s right. I’ve only worn one so far. Anyways, that’s not my point here. I’m convinced that I’ll eventually wear every single one of them, eventually. And if not, that’s ok too. They’re just too pretty to pass in the stores.

The silk set you see above in the photo was therefor the most pleasant surprise I’ve gotten in the mail in a long time. I mean, a monogrammed sleepwear set for a pyjama junkie like myself is nothing short of amazing. Thank you Rebecca Peace for making my sleepwear closet complete (well, until next time I happen to pass a lingerie shop at least).

Weekend Reading

Parisian café by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months)

I haven’t done a weekend reading list in ages which means that I have so many things I’m dying to share with you… Enjoy!

•   Ever wondered what a super cute Parisian apartment might look like? My dear friend Marissa has started a great new series called “At Home With” where the first apartment she featured belongs to another dear friend named Meg (who by the way have the cutest little kitten you’ll ever see).
•   Who in the world has the time to spend 9 minutes on this? Well, apparently I do (and Garance Doré, which makes me feel a little bit better about it). All the brands mentioned during the series Sex and the City.
•   This has to be the perfect dream destination/fashion wedding, no? The Coveteur’s photos makes me want to fly to Capri and get married. ASAP.
•   Thomson decided to name me as one of the 10 Travel Bloggers To Follow On Instagram. Thank you!

On Instagram

Paris in Four Months on Instagram

Since being back in Paris I feel as though I’ve already managed to do a bunch of the things I had been longing for while on vacation (minus the gigantic workload that’s been building up of course). I’ve had a few minutes to stroll over bridges and around some of my favourite Parisian streets already, managed to pick up a bunch of packages that arrived at the post office while I was away (thanks mom!), going back to eat at one of my favourite Japanese places here in Paris and also settled in a little bit more in my new apartment. I’ve been trying to enjoy the city to the max but it’s been hard since it’s been rainy and grey for most of the time, which means that I rather hide out eating cheesecake and Ladurée pastries inside than anything else. I’m happy I got to catch up with Sonya while she was in Paris, a photographer I’ve been admiring forever, and that I also managed to force myself to do some exercises in my new Nike gear after eating way too much Italian pizza.

Following along on Instagram for more Parisian adventures.

Valentino Red

Evangelie Smyrniotaki of Styleheroine, photo by Carin Olsson

During couture week in Paris (and in between rainstorms) earlier this summer I managed to snap a few shots of the lovely, and super stylish Evangelie, wearing this beautiful Valentino lace dress. It’s unreal, and truly humbling, to get the opportunity to work with some of the people you admire the most. If you haven’t discovered the brilliant Evangelie yet (or seen our previous shoot together), you’ve been missing out. Her style and photos blow my mind every single time.

For more photos and complete outfit details, please hop on over to Evangelie’s blog 

August in Paris

August in Paris by Carin Olsson (Paris in Four Months)

I’m just going to let you know that this will probably be my last August in Paris. Like ever. Since moving to this city I’ve heard people speaking about August in Paris with both excitement and fear – I’ve been warned to have all my plumbing and electricity problems pre August since apparently it’s nearly impossible to find any sort of “handyman” once the month of French vacations starts in this country. But I’ve also been told that it’s one of the most relaxing and calm times you’ll ever have during the entire year here. Well, after investigating more thoroughly myself I can safely say that this does not apply to those who live in very centre of the city. The Parisians might have fled the French capital for their Corsican beach houses, St. Tropez hideouts and Provence country homes but they’ve been replaced by a trillion more tourists who all roam the streets of Paris from early morning to late evening, taking up every single inch of the sidewalks with their maps and ice cream cones in hand.

Not only is the centre taken over by tourists during this time, all of my favourite restaurants, cafés, shops and bars have also decided to close up and (most of them) not open until the end of the month or beginning of September. So, deciding on where to meet clients and friends for lunch, dinner or simply a cup of coffee has just gotten a lot more challenging than usual (thank god for Fondation Cafe and La Caféothèque right now). *

I blame this (unusual) negativity of mine on the lack of summer here in Paris. I mean, if we’d have stable weather and sunshine instead of rain, wind and endless grey clouds in the sky I’m pretty sure we could have put all of those pretty Parisian parks to good use with picnics and fun summer activities. Perhaps what I mean is “I’ll never spend the month of August in Paris again unless it’s super sunny and amazing weather”. Although that could be pretty hot (and claustrophobic) without any sort of coast or water close by… Hmm. To sum it up, I think it’s better that I just stay away from Paris in August in the future.

* But yes, it can actually be easier to grab a chair at your favourite terrace during this time and some areas (if you get away from the tourist attractions and the main streets) can be absolutely deserted and calm.