About Me

In February 2012 I moved to Paris for a few months — during four to be exact. I moved to Paris to learn the language (I didn’t know and couldn’t pronounce any other words than “bonjour” and “merci” when I finally landed on Parisian ground), enjoy the French cuisine, stroll the streets of Paris and discover a whole new city. I needed to experience something completely different from what I was used to and to face a new challenge, so I left both job, family and friends back in Stockholm (fortunately the two latter things on that list were still there when I returned) to pursue a dream about life in Paris. After the four months in Paris were up and I returned to Sweden where I started planning a more permanent move back to the French capital since I couldn’t shake my love for the city. In January 2013 I moved back to Paris and have stayed ever since. Today I work here as a photographer and occasional writer and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

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